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Belash Kalantari, CQPA, CA, IRS EA  CEO/President


Belash Kalantari Began his accounting career in January 2006. He started the it2modular ( Best American Tax )on May 1, 2006.
He is a graduate from university of Baltimore; His extensive back ground comes from director and management level with some of the largest Governmental and educational contract within United State.His responsibility was to grow the profit margin of the company by increasing customer loyalty and provide superb services to clients.
 Belash introduced a new approach to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty; the secret was to go above and beyond the customer need to make sure that customer is handheld throughout the entire process of any business. He broke the record for revenue and profit in some of these companies’ historical data. He increased the number of customers in excess of 50%.
He enjoys his challenges and outcomes.  Belash has experience with large school system and government project in regard to comprehensive project.  Some of the customers included Fairfax county public school, Baltimore city government, state of Maryland, university system of Maryland, Virginia Government, Washington DC Court systems, Arlington County Government, Harford County Government and etc…
He is now focusing on his own customers, some of his current customers are  in a wide array of industries including technology, healthcare, real estate, mortgage banking, service, distribution and manufacturing.  
Belash  is an incredibly generous individual who deeply cares about others. He has volunteered over 200 hours with Franklin Square Hospital’s cancer research department.  He aspires for greater knowledge and excellence in all aspects of his life. He is certified Culinary Chef ( as a Hobby), and Martial Artist in Chinese  tien Shan Pei and Shaolin Kung Fu  assisting in teaching young teenagers the mastery of self control and harmony.
The following are some of the Certifications that Belash has achieved: CQbPA-2008-09, Certified Accounting, AAS Accounting, CSE in security, APP -Digital Imaging, ASP- Main frame, CS-Architict- Power Xtruture, Certified Leadership, BSIT. 
The following are some of the softwares that we have experience: Microsoft Great plain Accounting software, Legacy Macola software, Quickbooks 2009 (all editions), ATX/Klien Rock Tax software, Proseries tax software, Microsoft Sql Server, Server 2003, and programming software such as C++, .Net, PHP,  Ruby, Rail, CSS,HTML,XML.
Belash is also Enrolled to practice before Internal Revenue Services by United State Treasury .
Belash was a member of board of Fairfax County Educational Foundation.  Belash now resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and his children.